This #GivingTuesday, Give the Gift of Camp Magic...

During this upcoming holiday season, we have the opportunity to take time out of our busy lives to gather, reflect, and give thanks.  For folks who have been fortunate enough to experience a summer (or every summer of their youth) at Camp Jack Hazard, it is very likely that some of their fondest memories took place in a secluded spot off Highway 108 amidst towering fir trees and jagged mountain peaks. 

Camp remains one of the few places in the world where true magic exists.  Unlike other childhood experiences that seemed to have lost their mystique over time, camp’s magic never faded. In contrast, it actually seemed to grow as people returned year after year to climb mountain peaks, sing campfire songs, and form lifelong friendships. When people inevitably grew too old to return, the camp spirit forever remained a part of them. It continues to connect everyone who has ever slept under the stars, heard the roar of a camp chant in the dining hall, or shed a tear as they stood in a candlelit circle with their fellow campers during closing campfire.  Camp will forever remain our sugar mountain.

For many children, Camp Jack Hazard was the highlight of their summer.  For others, camp was one of the highlights of their life.  This was especially true for children with less than ideal living situations, as well as those from loving households who simply could not afford to take regular family vacations.  Many former campers reported that the opportunity to escape everyday life and spend their summers in the mountains forever transformed them (and in some cases, actually saved their lives). Camp was a place where their background did not matter, where they were welcomed into the camp family with open arms, and where they were taught the value of human relationships. They were encouraged to reflect on their experiences, set meaningful personal challenges, and stretch the limits of their mind, body, and spirit.  Camp taught them to act with intention and to respect themselves, others, and their surroundings when making big (and little) decisions.  These life-changing opportunities were often only possible because of the generous donations of camp alumni and other stakeholders, who were committed to ensuring that every child had the opportunity to experience camp’s magic. This holiday season, you have the opportunity to give this gift. 

On November 29th, 2016, the Jack & Buena Foundation is participating in #GivingTuesday. #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving back to our favorite and most important non-profits and charities! It is important for us to remember during these months of thankfulness and generosity to remember and celebrate the organizations that have helped shape our lives. We invite you to give this November 29th to share the gift of Camp Jack Hazard and ensure that we have the funds needed to send EVERY kid that wants to have the magical experience of camp. Remember your donation will change a very special child's summer and maybe even their life!

How can you give?

You can give at the following web address via PayPal:

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You can also visit us in person and drop off your donation at our new office:

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