Interested in using the Camp Jack Hazard for your next outdoor experience? Camp Jack Hazard is available to user groups to run their own residential camp, team building activity, or family gathering.

The Camp Jack Hazard program will work with all groups to provide a unique and individually tailored program to your group's specific needs. We can be as hands-on, or as hands-off, as your group desires.

We offer many programs that can be both recreational and educational in nature. We have a high and low challenge course, rock-climbing and rappelling, nature, campfire, communal dining, and many other activities to help your group have a unique and life changing experience. Our friendly, professional, and highly experienced staff are ready to help guide you through your time at Camp Jack Hazard. 

Camp Jack Hazard can accommodate most group sizes (10-130 people) and program needs. The staff will work with you to provide exactly the programs that you want to participate in and focus those program to your organizational needs. Our professional kitchen services will create a menu with you and ensure all dietary needs or restrictions are met. Our cooks can prepare vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, carnivore, and theme-meals specific to your group needs (Note: some meals may affect cost/meal in contract). We also provide meals that meets all participant allergy issues. 

Our camp and its staff are all well-trained and certified to meet the strict requirements of American Camping Association standards. 

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