For more than 90 years, at a place where granite masses and thick conifer forests preside on the mountain face, Camp Jack Hazard has provided fun, safe adventures for campers age 6 to 17 in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

Camp Jack Hazard offers many of the traditional summer camp experiences including campfires, skits, songs, games, theme days and camp dances. In addition, CJH offers unique Adventure, Arts and Crafts, High and Low Challenge Course, and Nature programs. Uniquely, we offer wilderness skills, backpacking and backcountry ethics that are taught to and practiced by every camper.

One mile past Dardanelles on Hwy. 108, at 6,000 feet in elevation, CJH is in a perfect location to serve as a high sierra summer camp! The real beauty of camp, however, lies in the experienced staff and fun-seeking campers. CJH creates memories, stories, lifelong friends, teamwork, wilderness awareness, and the desire to do it all over again next year.



Camp Jack Hazard Board of Directors Donnell's Fire Statement

Please take the time to read the official response from the Board of Directors of the Jack and Buena Foundation. We are all working diligently to ensure that Camp Jack Hazard will continue serving youth of the Central Valley and beyond. 

BoD Official Fire Statement

Camp Jack Hazard/ Jack and Buena Foundation 2018 Annual Report

Every year we take a moment to reflect and review the progress that the Jack and Buena Foundation and Camp Jack Hazard makes throughout the year. Please take some time and read through this years accomplishments and barriers. 


2018 Jack and Buena Foundation Annual Report

Camp Jack Hazard Summer Evaluations Report

Every year, as a way to maintain the highest level of service possible, Camp Jack Hazard performs several different evaluations to collect data. We receive evaluations from campers, parents, rental groups, and staff. Please take the time to read some of the results of these evaluations in a report form. Dr. Stephanie Brown, Board Member extraordinaire spends hours of time tabulating all of the data and putting it into a meaningful report for us. The board uses this data to drive future planning of CJH, as well as, making changes to what we do currently. This report is always illuminating for us. 

Camp Jack Hazard Summer Evaluation 2018


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