Departures: Campers and their guardians must arrive by 8:30 am on the day or departure at Great Valley Academy, 3200 Tully Road, Modesto, CA 95350.
The bus will leave at and 10:00 am. Remember, we conduct health screenings, process all medication, and make sure all registration materials are complete so please arrive with ample time.

Returns: Return times may vary with traffic conditions, but campers are scheduled to return between 3:30 and 4:30 pm.

Safety: The well-being of our campers is our first and foremost concern. To find out more about how we protect our campers on bus trips, please review our transportation safety policies.

Changes to Departures or Return Times: We hope that this will not happen. However, even with the best preparation, buses sometimes break down and drivers sometimes catch colds. If anything happens that we believe will result in a significant change to the drop-off or pick-up times, we will post it on our Facebook page and call you as quickly as we are able.

Transportation Information for Parents-

Letters and Goodies from Home

All care packages and letters can be sent to: 

Camper's Name - Session # 
Camp Jack Hazard
Highway 108 
Dardanelles, CA 95364

Please keep letters positive! Children who are having a good time can suddenly get homesick when they read about how much their parents and pets miss them. We recommend writing about what’s happening at home and how excited you are to hear all about camp when they return.

We love it when parents send care packages! When you do, though, we ask that you send some items for your camper to share with the rest of his or her cabin and a note asking him or her to do so. This can prevent jealousy and tension from damaging your child’s experience.

You are also welcome to bring packages with you when you drop your camper off and CJH staff will include it with mail for the day mid-session (saving you postage and ensuring that it "arrives" while your camper is there).

Visits During CJH Sessions

While visits from parents and visitors are allowed, we ask that you give CJH staff 24 hours notice before your trip. Please call (209) 965-7254 to make arrangements.

Cancellations (Gasp!)

If your child cannot go to camp as planned due to illness, please let Camp Jack Hazard management know as soon as possible. We may have a waiting list of other campers desiring a chance to go. All sessions require a $100 deposit, which is non-refundable. The rest of the session fees will be refunded, as long as you provide us with notice 48 hours in advance of departure. We are able to reschedule campers for another session if there is available space, and we encourage this as an alternative to canceling if possible.

For questions or cancellations, please call (209) 965-7254 or email us at